Ardrishaig Community Trust

Ardrishaig's Wind Turbine

Ardrishaig owns a one twelfth share in the Allt Dearg Community Wind Farm rather than having their own wind turbine.  This means that the costs and maintenance of the wind farm can be shared by all the partners.

The partnership that owns the wind farm is called Allt Dearg Wind Farmers LLP.  This was set up in 2009 by the local Ormsary and Stronachullin estates to harness the abundant wind resource on the Allt Dearg site.

Ardrishaig Community Trust were keen to be involved from the outset, and became a partner in the wind farm in December 2011 at the Financial Close stage of the project through their trading subsidiary Ardrishaig Renewable Energies Ltd.

There is further background information in the Allt Dearg Information Sheet.

Since the start of the project in 2009 there is a full and fascinating photo record that can be accessed on the Allt Dearg Photo Blog.

Since 24 December 2012 Allt Dearg Community WInd Farm has been in full production - over 3 months ahead of schedule.

Since then (as at May 2016) Ardrishaig has received over £400,000 from its share in Allt Dearg Community Wind Farm.  From this: over £130,000 has been distributed by the Trust as local grants; the Trust bought the North Hall in Ardrishaig from the Church of Scotland for just over £80,000; and there is a further round of grant applications currently being planned.